Antique Silver Card Cases

Like many antique collectables, card cases are a symbol of a bygone era and an old way of doing things. Used by the English middle classes for around a century from the 1820s onwards, they were used to house calling cards, which were used out of etiquette to let residents know that somebody had tried to make a social call while they were out. Some of the best examples of card cases are those made from solid silver and chased or engraved with famous buildings or landscape scenes. It is these so-called ‘Castle Top’ cases that Steppes Hill Farm Antiques specializes in. These antique silver card cases have become incredibly collectible and increasingly rare today. Our antique silver card cases make great gifts, keepsakes or additions to an existing antique collection, and we are glad to advise on any of our antique silver card cases for sale.

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Deakin & Nephew, Birmingham 1880
Nathaniel Mills, Birmingham 1850
Alfred Taylor, Birmingham 1854
William Smiley, London 1873
William Thorneycroft, Birmingham 1901
William Neale & Son, Birmingham 1887
Nathaniel Mills, Birmingham 1845
NATHANIEL MILLS, Birmingham 1843
NATHANIEL MILLS, Birmingham 1843
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