Antique Silver

Here at Steppes Hill Farm Antiques we specialise in some of the highest quality antique silver collectables in the UK. Our focus is on the smaller, more collectable antique English silver pieces, which reflect the grandeur of larger silver items without the extravagant prices; examples include napkin rings, boxes, bookmarks, caddy spoons, card cases, vinaigrettes, vesta cases, writing equipment, pincushions and wine labels. We also have a range of high-quality Scottish and Irish silver collectables for sale. Our products originate from a number of historical time periods, from the Georgian and Victorian eras onwards into the early twentieth century. Our antique silver collectables make excellent gifts or additions to an existing antiques collection. We try to sell only the best of quality and consider condition of paramount importance, and with over fifty years’ experience in the antiques business, we are glad to offer our advice on the purchasing and collecting of any of our items. Please feel free to contact us here at the farm or via the web site.

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Most Recent
Benjamin Tait, Dublin c1790
Hester Bateman, London c1790
John Reily, London 1825
Benjamin Tait, Dublin c1790
Richard Binley, London c1760
Henry Flavelle, Dublin c1835
Robert Garrard I, London 1804
James Lamb Whitehaven, Newcastle c1750
John Ferguson Gow, London 1954
James Dixon & Sons Ltd, Sheffield 1915
William Aiken, Birmingham 1912
Cooper Brothers & Sons Ltd, Sheffield 1967
James Walter Marshall, Edinburgh 1842
James Fenton, Birmingham 1906
Rawlings & Summers, London 1855
Phipps & Robinson, London 1806
The Goldmsiths & Silversmiths Co Ltd, London 1913
Thomas Freeman, Birmingham, 1834 1834
J C Vickery, London 1911
C H Dumenil, London 1894
George Heath, London 1895
Sarey Price, London c1761
Louis Kuppenheim, Pforzheim c1920
Liberty & Co, Birmingham 1902
Wakely & Wheeler, London 1986
Aston & Son, Birmingham 1860
John Langlands, Newcastle 1774
Amy Eleanor Stewart, Chester 1921
Saunders & Shepherd, Chester 1904
S Blanckensee & Son Ltd, Birmingham 1914
Nathaniel Mills, Birmingham 1843
John William Barrett, Chester 1920
Henry Spree, London c1740
N. U, London c1750
John Kentesber & Thomas Grove, London c1757
Samuel Key, London c1760
Thomas Jackson, London c1755
Sampson Mordan, Chester 1912
Thomas Johnson, London 1881
John William Barrett, Birmingham 1926
Liberty & Co, Birmingham 1915
George Fox, London 1901
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